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Dixons Croxteth Academy

The Literary Lounge: Room 1.01

Posted 10th July 2024

Take a look at this warm invitation and tell us you wouldn’t be interested in participating in this wonderful extracurricular activity organized by our English teacher, Miss Redhead, called The Literary Lounge.

The Literary Lounge: Room 1.01

Want to get swept away on a fantastical journey? Come and spend your Tuesday lunchtime getting lost within the pages of a book. Explore imagined lands, meet enthralling characters, and become embroiled in tense, intriguing plots. You will be left pleading, “Just one more page!”

The Literary Lounge offers:

  • A borrowing scheme where you can take the book you are reading home and bring it back to exchange for another when you are finished.
  • A reading record bookmark for you to monitor what you have read.
  • A league table of star readers.
  • Group guided reading activities to enhance inferential skills and support critical thinking.

Come and see Miss Redhead to get a ‘beat the queue’ lunch pass or bring your packed lunch with you.

Every Tuesday lunchtime.

Miss Redhead

Check out these amazing snapshots from the inaugural session of The Literary Lounge!